Commercial optimisation

Organisation and integration of commercial structures

Your Sales Team is the most visible part outside of the company. People in such positions often prefer to work independently and are sometimes not easy to coach. Such teams need a tactful leader in order to ensure that they have the necessary freedom to organise themselves while making sure that they understand and accept at all times the objectives of the company. A structured organisation with clear objectives and control systems should be in place to support them by keeping a solid framework for their activities.

Particularly during reorganisation or in the case of the take-over of a new business with a different company culture it is critical to ensure a smooth efficient integration of the new team members.

  • You desire to check and optimise your commercial organisation with a neutral expert?
  • Your Sales organisation does not have the time and focus to deal with new business?
  • You face difficulties in integrating a new team or a new site into your organisation?
  • The conditions for a site shut-down need to be negotiated with local, national or European Administrations?

Antoine Brossier experienced and successfully managed these challenges in his career. In a first exchange he will as your primarily contact evaluate with you how INPAX Consulting can support you to optimise your commercial activities.