Business mediation and conflict management

Mediation is a well-recognized process for solving conflicts.
In business it is often used to solve conflicting negotiations between business partners or teams within the company itself. Introducing mediation enables you to give new dynamism to the discussion in order to help all conflict participants to find a sustainable solution together.

With INPAX Consulting you profit from many years’ experience with proven sustainable results and from our excellent knowledge of the industry. Neutrality and confidentiality are guaranteed. In case of need a co-mediation (more than one mediator to work on complex conflict situation with many parties) can be proposed. Mediation as a so-called alternative dispute resolution method is usually done outside the court but the cooperation of a lawyer is possible.

INPAX Consulting’s offer for mediation to industry and organisations addresses:

  • conflict between business partners in different countries
  • complaints in the Business-to-Business area
  • disputes between industries and public authorities (e.g. environmental mediation)
  • conflict within the workplace (team, manager/employee…)
  • transfer of business following inheritance or a sale/buying of companies
  • negotiations or projects which are failing to be completed